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    According K1XN, following 2012, RW6HS, Vasiliy Kasyanenko, entered the top five DX-managers in the world. The first place was given NI5DX .... Buzz NI5DX was the Top man this year. The results were published in QRZ-DX Bulletin.

    Is issued new electronic callbook (call Russia and CIS, DX and them QSL mgr). Now you can bring in not only: signal, QSL mgr, surname, address data, but also date of birthes given of the equipment, Email, URL, Loc, RDA, URDA, KDA, mobile telephone, ICQ, but first of all to conduct the base of the address information is independent. There is an opportunity at once to print the address on an envelope. At input yours signal, on an envelope your address and address will be printed simultaneously where you send QSL. Thus you much more reduce time for the answer on QSL. By that who will accept active participation in granting the information a database will be sent in a gift. Now in him 143194 address records. The information DX 425 News is monthly added in base. On purchase write on Email

    The Is received the sanction from EW8AU on dispatch on E:mail of his clauses on "Adjustment of aerials and Fiders devices". All questions onE:mail.

    Manufacturing and seal QSL of an elite - class. Circulation 1000 pieces. You translate payment on system Western-Union. On my name: Vasiliy Mikhajlovich Kasyanenko 357300, Stavropolsky kr., Novopavlovsk, P.O. Box 0 (zero), RUSSIA Inform me number of my bill. Send on Email rw6hs@narod.ru

    Provisional variant of design by yours QSL. After manufacturing QSL will be sent. by a custom-made sending on your address. More in detail on Email
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